The following is a short sample of the type of products we manufacture to the highest standards.

We can terminate 4—30 AWG wire with any ring, fork, push-on receptacle or bootlace ferrule of your choice.

Alternatively we can simply prepare the wire for termination.


FTP/UTP cable terminated with shielded or unshielded RJ45 plugs or sockets.  We can cut the cable to any length and can supply in any colour.


Standard ‘d’ type (9 way—50 way), high density (15 way—44 way) or mixed ‘d’.  Solder, crimp or IDC versions available.  Connectors can be supplied with or without housings or covers.  A variety of housing and covers are also available depending on your requirement or specification.

‘D’ Type

We can supply a wide range of standard and non-standard power cables.


Grey or coloured standard ribbon cable.  Shielded / unshielded and various pitchs available.  Can be terminated with any connector you require such as IDC socket plug, card edge, ’d’ type, DIN41612 or any other type specified.


We can supply metal panels fitted with connectors, switches, power supplies or any component required.  These panels can be fully wired at the back so that they can be just slotted into their final position.


Product List

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If you require a number of different assemblies/cables, we can fabricate them into a loom or harness for ease of production.  The loom/harness can contain any number of wires or cables but we can ensure it is right each and every time.


AC or DC fans can be supplied terminated simply with a connector or terminals.  We can also daisy chain a number together, add finger guards or filters.  Alternatively we can assemble them into metalwork and create a sub-assembly.

Fans or Fan Assemblies

We can offer a turnkey solution from a simple product where we integrate a PCB board into an enclosure to a complete box build.

You can ‘free issue’ parts or we can procure parts and just supply the finished product to you.

Box Build

MIL-C-26482; MIL-C-5015; MIL-DTL-38999; DIN Type; DC Power; Trident—all available terminated to loose wire or multicore cable.

Circular & Military