Service List

Because of our expertise we can tell you which brands offer the best quality and price.  We can suggest alternative suppliers where lead time, price or quality are currently a problem with your existing supplier.

Suggested Cost Savings Alternatives

We can make anything from a single assembly to thousands.  If you have a small production run you don’t need to assemble in-house or buy expensive tooling—we can take care of everything for you.

Low to High Volume Quantities

All cable assemblies are packaged to your specifications; they can be packaged individually, in specified quantities or can be kitted with other parts.  We will work to whatever packaging system makes it easiest for your production.

Cables Packaged to your Specification

You can be supplied with a first-off sample for new orders to ensure your design or assembly is correct before committing to placing orders.  When your cable arrives there will be no surprises, you will know in advance what you are getting.

Samples for New Orders

We aim to supply all samples and prototypes within a matter of days where possible.  We will give you a prompt and efficient service from receipt of your order to delivery of the finished product.

Rapid Turnaround

We only manufacture to your specification and will not substitute with cheaper parts.  You can be assured that from your first order onwards we will be consistent with our quality standards.

Parts Specified by You

All assemblies are thoroughly inspected and fully tested to I.S.EN ISO 9001:2008 or to your specification

Inspection & Testing

With over 25 years experience in the cable industry we know where to go to get the best prices and lead times.  We can save you considerable time, money and effort.

Experience of Procurement